• Valid from 10.05.2024
  • Valid to 10.05.2028
  • Status Valid certificate
  • Certificate No 7 ЛИК
  • Contact Person Стоян Стоянов и Рудолф Кощял

Initial Accreditation Date: 24.11.2014
Field: Testing and Calibration Laboratories
Scope: To perform testing of:
Office 1 – Bulgaria: Roller brake testers.
Office 2 – Slovakia: Temperature. Relative humidity. Pressure.
To conduct calibration of:
Office 1 – Bulgaria: Micrometers devices; Calipers devices; Line scales and measuring tapes; Measuring microscopes and profile projectors; Dial gauge for measurement and set length; Gauges blocks and measurement standards; Calibration blocks №1 and №2, ladder step wedges and measurement standards; Test sieves; Thickness gauges mechanical, electromagnetic and ultrasound; Roll tester taxi meter; Bevel protractors and edges; Spirit levels; Scales automatic and non-automatic; Automatic scales for batching; Weights accuracy class F2, М and custom weights; Measuring containers of metal, glass or plastic; Dosing measuring containers of glass or plastic; Areometers; Torque measuring instruments; Torque wrench and torque screwdrivers; Force measuring equipment; Force-proving instruments and force transducers; Pressure measuring devices from accuracy class 0,1; Devices for measuring absolute pressure (differential pressure gauges and barometers, from accuracy class of 0,1); Durometers Shore and IRHD; Thermometers digital, analog, liquid and infrared; Resistive temperature transducers and sensors; Thermoelectric sensors of temperature; Temperature indicators and simulators; Hygrometers and transducers for relative humidity; Voltmeters for constant and alternating voltage (digital and analog); Ampermeters for constant and alternating current; Current clamp meters; Ohmmeters; Constant and alternating (50 Hz) voltage calibrators; DC and AC (50 Hz) calibrators; Converters of values with DCU input, DCI and R output DCU and DCI; Conductometers; pH Meters; Spectrophotometers and photometers for the UV/VIS and visible areas; Stopwatches.
Office 2 – Slovakia: Volumetric flasks Pycnometers Atypical measurement containers; Graduated pipettes Pasteur pipettes; Micropipettes; Burettes; Measuring cylinders; Butyrometers; Measuring containers; Pressure measuring devices from accuracy class 0,05; Devices for measuring absolute pressure; Thermometers digital, analog, liquid; Thermoelectric sensors of temperature; Hygrometers and transducers for relative humidity.