• Valid from 10.01.2022
  • Valid to 28.10.2024
  • Status Valid certificate
  • Certificate No 1 ЛК
  • Contact Person Agnes Gavalyugova

Name: Laboratory for Calibration of measuring instruments at Unisist Ltd.
Legal Entity: УНИСИСТ ООД
Initial Accreditation Date: 04.04.2003
Field: Calibration Laboratories
Scope: To perform calibration of:
DC voltmeters. AC voltmeters (45 Hz and 1 kHz). DC voltage calibrators. AC voltage calibrators (45 Hz and 1 kHz). DC ammeters. AC ammeters (45 Hz and 1 kHz). AC current calibrators (45 Hz and 1 kHz). DCI/ACI (45 Hz and 1 kHz) clamp meter. DC current calibrators. DC ohmmeters. Electrical resistance measure. Frequency meters. Frequency generators. Inductance meter (1 kHz). Capacitance measuring instruments (300 Hz and 1 kHz). Single-phase measuring instruments active power measurement (wattmeters). Measuring instruments for measurement and simulating absolute, atmospheric, positive and negative pressure. Thermometers (digital, analog and liquid). Infrared thermometers. Resistance thermometers. Thermocouples. Indicators with input: unified electrical signal. Temperature indicators with input: DCU and R (simulation mode). Сalipers (depth gauge and height gauge). Micrometers (micrometer depth gauge and height gauge). Measure of length with scale marks. Digital and mechanical stopwatches and timers. Installation testers. Hygrometers.